Business tour to Japan

Cherry Blossom Tours specially organized this trip for owners and top management of companies. It is interesting that Japanese entrepreneurs will share their knowledge and experience in the field of management and service and in practice will show the ways and results of The Kaizen philosophy, which you can use in your own business. In addition, you will see the Japanese way of life: the most effective use of time, territory; culture of hospitality, which they were able to raise to the scale of the whole industry; attitude to queues, organization of space and much more. Exhibition of demo houses using effective methods of construction and finishing materials. We tried to make the trip as efficient and useful as possible

After this trip, you will receive: Practical experience in applying the principles of Japanese management, tools to motivate employees to continuous improvement. Life in Kaizen style-in every part of Tokyo, starting from the airport, you will see that the Japanese work and live by very special rules. You will spend days immersed in the Kaizen environment, which will help you to learn how to apply this philosophy in your personal life and evaluate the effectiveness of your work. A lot of new ideas and methods of their application — we will constantly summarize and share views on innovations seen in business, life and life.

You will learn all the subtleties of Kaizen's philosophy — lean manufacturing to improve product quality, processes and management system, as well as consider the methods of their implementation.The tour program also includes a visit to the famous attractions of Tokyo, such as:
Asakusa Buddhist temple
Museum of the future Miraikan
The artificial island of Odaiba and other places of interest