Group tour to Japan

Cherry blossom tours conduct group tours for people who are interested visit Japan and also happy in mingling with different people. As always said our guide will be there to guide you and your colleagues throughout the tour.
Tohoku Trails “A tour created to showcase Japan’s ancient samurai, spiritual & farming traditions still living on strongly in the present” On Tohoku Trails, enjoy the incredible natural scenery with countless lakes, waterfalls, rivers, native forests, mountain ranges, coastal views, and islands. Whether this is your first time to Japan, or you are a regular repeat visitor, join us in exploring this off-the-beaten-track trail before the rest of world discovers it!!

Ancient Trails of Japan “The perfect choice for an adventurer in search of stunning scenery, mystical trails, hot springs and culinary delights” Japan is blessed with some of the most spectacular National Parks in the world, many of which are hidden miles away from the bright lights of Tokyo and Osaka.
Hidden Treasures of Japan enjoy the contrasting Naoshima Island, home to some of Japan’s most innovative and artistic architecture and design. Experience its religious roots first hand as you become acquainted with the monks of Koyasan. Glide through the stunning Iya Valley and Ritsurin Garden. The perfect tour for those in search of a richer travel experience.

Gardens & Galleries of Japan Gardens & Galleries of Japan is a once in a lifetime tour taking you to the best Japanese Gardens and Award-Winning Art Galleries. You will experience not only the incredible beauty of these gardens but also the stunning natural landscapes that inform their design. Our Japanese garden experts will accompany you throughout explaining the concepts and execution of the different styles of Japanese Gardens.
Journey to the East Journey to the East is a discovery to the most remote undiscovered areas of Eastern Hokkaido. “A discovery to the truly unknown and hidden parts of Eastern Hokkaido,
 featuring Sapporo Snow Festival, Red Crowned Crane Sanctuary, Lake Akan, UNESCO World Heritage Shiretoko Peninsula and Abashiri Drift Ice Festival & Cruise.” Hokkaido’s unspoiled natural beauty makes it a haven for outdoor lovers and nature enthusiasts. freshest and tastiest seafood and culinary treats. These are just some of the encounters you can expect on this incredible journey through Eastern Hokkaido.
Note: There will be more spots which is not mentioned here.