Individual tour to Japan

Individual tours Allowing complete flexibility and with every trip intelligently designed just for you, Cherry blossom tours Individual tours n provide you with the finest experience of Japan available anywhere. In this section of Cherry blossom Tours website, you will find a selection of itinerary 'modules', short, exclusive itineraries focused on a particular area of Japan or around a specific theme. We want to present some ideas and give you an idea of what is possible. Of course, each of our luxury vacations is tailored specifically to your interests and tastes and this is why you won't find any prices in this section of the site. Get in touch and we can work with you to plan your perfect exclusive holiday in Japan, whether you have just a few days available or several weeks. With our Exclusive Private Journeys, you can be confident of receiving the very best service and the very finest experience of Japan. Our private guides are selected from our own quality standards so that you can discover and experience places unlike anyone else. We create your very own personalized itinerary from your requirements and our expert knowledge.

The Golden Route A popular course for first time visitors to Japan, The Golden Route will give you a well-balanced understanding of Japanese history and culture by covering the ancient capital Kyoto, the historic Hiroshima, the World Heritage Miyajima Island, and the metropolitan Tokyo.
Traditional & Tropical (No. 1 Japan Honeymoon) This tour of Japan is a particular favourite with couples, especially honeymooners, or those looking for somewhere to relax at the start or end of a whirlwind trip through Japan! Experience the traditional Japan, the bright lights of Tokyo and Osaka, the quaint back streets of Kyoto, and the subtropical islands in the south pacific region.
Forgotten Japan Upon arrival into the metropolitan city of Tokyo, you may find it difficult to imagine the old Japan, once associated with samurai and geisha. A Forgotten Japan tour captures the Japan everybody wants to see; the ancient postal routes linking villages to towns from Tsumago to Magome; the four-hundred-year-old thatched-roof farm houses in the

Young & Fun Japan Young & Fun is the trip of a lifetime for the young sushi-loving manga maniac in your life! Cruise around Tokyo in a real-life Mario Kart and post it on your Instagram story while sipping coffee in a Cat cafe.
Taste Japan Deluxe “Did you know that Tokyo has more Michelin star awarded restaurants than any other city in the world?” Join us on a luxurious journey of cultural experiences; Michelin star restaurants, world heritage sites, deluxe hotel and luxury ryokan stays. Note: There will be more spots which is not mentioned here. Our tours have been created in response to a high level of demand for a tour which gives unique view and interaction with Japan. We provide Professional guides to guide you throughout the tour. If you would like any help or want to know more about Japan, feel free to either enquire today, give our Japan travel experts a call.