Red Autumn leaf Tour to Japan
This tour we conduct last week of November

Tourist can choose duration of tour from one week to two week.

Japan is famous for its four distinct and breath-taking seasons, and many visitors to the country often consider the Japanese autumn to be the most beautiful. As temperatures dip after the scorching summer, the colours of the leaves change into vibrant shades of orange, red, yellow, and brown. This fall foliage is a magnificent sight that has inspired artists and poets for centuries.

In Japan, the natural phenomenon is called koyo or momiji (meaning red leaves). The activity of searching for the most striking shades of leaf is known as Momijigari (red leaf hunting) It has been popular in Japan for centuries and is now a major draw for tourists.

The turning of the leaves in Japan varies due to temperature, elevation, and latitude, and the best time to experience the phenomenon differs every year. In general, the autumn foliage season begins in mid-September on the island of Hokkaido, the northernmost island.

Site seeing place

In other parts of Japan, like Tokyo and Kyoto, the best viewing times typically range from mid-October through early December. Peak viewing in each area typically lasts between two weeks to more than one month.

Japanese people also follow some traditional eating habits which are very different from the rest of the world. Therefore, while many regions peak in November, some areas can start changing as early as September or as late as December. When temperatures turn cold early, the Japanese fall colors appear sooner – up to several weeks early – and vice versa.

Where to see autumn leaves in Japan

Any region in Japan is really a good area for Koyo viewing in the autumn, and the best places to see autumn colors will largely depend on when you travel. If you are visiting a bustling city such as Tokyo, city parks offer thousands of trees for Koyo and Momji leaf hunting.

The country's many mountainous hiking trails offer a great alternative option for those wishing to take in the Japanese countryside. The area surrounding Mount Fuji, including lake Kawaguchiko, and national parks such as Daisetsuzan in Hokkaido and Oze north of Tokyo are ideal for Momijigari.